Chip Eng Seng adopts an ethical approach to conducting our business, which means taking into consideration the social, economic and environmental impact of how we operate. A key rationale to the Group’s commitment in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programmes is our desire to promote a sustainable living environment and improve the quality of life for our current and future generations. Our CSR activities have also helped to forge a stronger bond amongst our employees, customers and beneficiaries. 

To instil in our employees a strong awareness in sustainable living, Chip Eng Seng has adopted a “Green and Gracious” policy to educate our employees in the construction division on working consciously with a mind to mitigating any negative impact on the environment associated with their tasks at hand. We also regularly review all our projects − from building designs to materials and technologies used with a view to adopting more environmentally friendly practices. 

The Group organises and/or participates in initiatives and programmes in conjunction with our community partners, with a focus on support for environmental, cultural arts, educational and healthcare organisations in Singapore. Through the financial sponsorship of various golf tournaments and events, we have contributed to the NUS School of Design & Environment Development Fund, Ren Ci Hospital, Compassion Fund Ltd, PAP Community Golf Tournament, the People’s Association Community Club Building Fund, the Singapore Scout Association, RHT Rajan Menon Foundation, and Braddell Heights CCC Community Development Welfare Fund. 

Our participation in or financial sponsorship of various functions also enabled us to contribute to Roxy Foundation / Community Foundation of Singapore Sharing and Caring for Families 2019, Montfort Care, Singapore Symphony Group, SingHealth Fund – Singapore National Eye Centre (SNEC) Fund. We have had also teamed up with the Singapore Organisation of Seaman (SOS) and Seacare Co-operative Ltd., to co-sponsor annual Chinese New Year festive lunch for the senior citizens of Jalan Kukoh for the past few years. 

Besides providing financial support, we partnered with Rainbow Centre in organising a work experience programme at Park Hotel Alexandra for youths aged 17 and above to impart some basic skills and knowledge to them. Our staff volunteers supported autism groups such as the Rainbow Centre by taking part in activities aimed at raising awareness of autism in the community.

In 2019, the Group also organised visits for 120 of its employees to several of Siem Reap’s underprivileged families during the Group’s corporate retreat in the city, with our employees taking the opportunity to donate essential items to them, including pre-loved clothing contributed by our employees during a donation drive leading up to corporate retreat. 

Chip Eng Seng believes in paying it forward. This is why we give bursaries annually to deserving students who need financial help.