Pre-cast Technology

We have all the necessary experiences and expertise in Precast Construction. CES’s familiarity for the utilization of the many different precast components gives it a competitive edge over others. CES achieves resources optimization and shortens projects duration with the employment of the following techniques:-

Intensive use of Precast Components

CES has handled many different types of Precast Components such as Precast Planks, Precast Prestressed Planks, Precast Gable End Wall, Precast Façade Wall, Precast Parapet Wall, Precast Staircase, Precast Light Weight Concrete Partition Wall, Precast Column cladding, Precast Refuse Chutes, Precast Door Frames, Precast Apartment Shelter and etc.

High Buildability Score can be achieved as lesser wet trades will be done on site thereby reducing the heavy reliance on manpower at site as compared to the conventional cast in-situ method. In addition, better quality finish will be formed as components are manufactured under stringent factory controlled conditions which ensures the durability of external finishes such as brick tiles and clinker tiles, etc. as they are cast in together with the precast element to give them a better bonding.

High Productivity is achieved due to the vertical repetition and the high level of standardization adopted. The repetition and standardization in turn also enabled economical prefabrication. With the repetitive sequence of work, production and construction error are also significantly minimised.

Experienced Management Team and Professionals

The Company’s management team has considerable experience and in-depth knowledge of the local construction industry. Most of the key management officers have more than 20 years of construction-related experience, especially in the area of high-contract value construction project.

The Management of the Company adopts a hands-on policy, and is actively involved in the daily operations of the Company. As a result, they are able to pre-planned, value-add and minimise any operational and technical issues. This also ensures close working relationships are fostered between the management and staff. In addition, the Company also has a large team of professional engineers and other technical personnel with considerable practical experience in handling complex construction situations. All of the project managers and project engineers hold degrees in construction-related fields.

The Company’s employees are also given the opportunities to be involved in various stages of a project, from planning and control to decision making. Through the Company’s participative management style, the employees are able to share their expertise in providing good services to its clients.