Building Construction and Civil Engineering

CES is registered with the Building and Construction Authority under the A1 classification for both general building construction and civil engineering, the highest classification which permits it to tender for public sector projects of unlimited value. CES is also registered precast with L6 heading.

CES undertakes both public and private construction projects whilst CESEC concentrates on the private construction projects. Most public projects are obtained from the Housing and Development Board ("HDB"). Over the years, CESC has established good track record and was the builder for the biggest and tallest public housing project The Pinnacle @Duxton.

In 1990s, through years of experience as a builder for big scale value projects, CESC began to make its inroads into design and build contracts. The involvement in these types of contracts was due to the urge to improve the productivity of construction industry. The industry believes that by engaging the contractors earlier in the design phase of a project, designs accepted are likely to be more buildable.

Building on the Group's capabilities in project management and extensive knowledge in building buildability, the Group started to tender for design and build projects. Its efforts finally started to bear fruits when the Group secured and delivered a series of design and build contracts from both public and private developers.

Today, CES is one of the most established local builders with proven track records that developers and house owners can rely on.